Workshops    Drawing workshop at Buda, Castlemaine

03.11.24 to 03.11.24


I will be conducting a drawing workshop at Buda, the historic home and garden, at Castlemaine on Sunday 3 November 2024. The 4 hour workshop runs from 12 noon to 4 pm.


Cost:  The workshop is $100. Included in the cost is the paper, drawing boards, and drawing materials that I will provide (you can bring your own paper/materials if you like). Additional to my fee is the $10/$12 entry fee into Buda, which you pay when you come to the workshop.


Bookings: In the first instance, please email me at - - to book your participation. Closer to the time of the workshop I will call for payment.


Description of workshop

We will draw in the gardens of Buda. The historic home, in the inner residential area of Castlemaine, has a website which you may like to look at:


The intention is to make 3 drawings:

The first drawing will be in charcoal, buiding the work with tone and mark making (and using the eraser).

The second drawing will be using two dry media - commencing with red/brown conte, then progressing to charcoal (and using the eraser). This drawing is layered and well reveals the process of looking and construction. 

The third drawing will be using black ink and a brush. The first application will be in light grey. The second application will be much more black. 


A set amount of time will be allocated to each drawing. You may not finish one or more of these drawings, they are exercises in drawing techinique/method.  I will demonstrate at the commencement of each drawing. Where there is time left over, you can either go back to completing a drawing, or start a new one, deciding what media to use and how to proceed.


This workshop will introduce you to different methods of obervational drawing, using differing media in a purposeful way. It will expand your technical range and provide you with drawing skills that underpin.painting. While especially useful for artists with experience in drawing, the workshop can also accomodate adults with little or no drawing experience.


Image: Mark Dober, Buda drawing, ink on paper, 30 x 42 cm, 2024

My art work on a gardens theme, in various media, can be seen by clicking on this link: